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Focus on Energy’s New Homes Program pairs Wisconsin builders with leading energy experts in order to construct new homes that are safer, more durable, and more energy efficient than other homes merely built to code. Which means you can get everything you want in a home plus one that’s energy efficient.

Why choose a Focus on Energy New Home?

  • Peace of mind. At every stage, Focus works with your builder to make sure your home meets the highest standards for energy efficiency. It also ensures your dream home is a sound investment.
  • Lower energy bills for life. A Focus New Home is at least 10% more efficient than homes merely built to code.
  • Proof positive. A Focus New Home provides indisputable proof that your home meets strict standards for energy efficiency, air tightness, insulation, ventilation, and safety. Your Focus consultant will make sure of it with two site visits and an official certification process.
  • Resale differentiator. Focus New Home owners who sold their homes reported that prospective buyers had energy-efficiency on their wish lists.

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