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High Water Reading? You May Have a Leak

If your water bill is higher than normal, an operator will usually notify you within a week after your meter is read, either by coming to your residence, or hanging a notice on your door.

Toilet leaks are the most common cause of high water bills. To check if your toilet is leaking, first take the lid off the back of your toilet to see if the water is flowing over the top of the overflow tube. If it is, then you have a leak.

Also, you can follow these steps to check for a leak:

    1) Wait 5-10 minutes after your last flush
    2) Take the lid off the back of your toilet and place 2-3 drops of food coloring in your toilet tank – not in the bowl
    3) Do not flush the toilet. Let stand for 20-30 minutes
    4) Check your toilet bowl for coloring… if color is in the bowl, you have a leak

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