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System Facts

The City of Black River Falls water system consists of four groundwater wells. Well #3 and well #4 are located in the Industrial Park and are 84’ and 104’ deep, respectively. Well #5 and well #6 are located off Rye Bluff Road and are 168’ and 160’ deep, respectively. The West Pressure Zone and the East Pressure Zone are connected by two water mains, a 4” and a 12”, which run under the river.

The City’s water system has two water towers and one elevated ground reservoir. The tower located between Ninth St. and Tenth St. has a storage capacity of 150,000 gallons. The tower located in the Industrial Park has a storage capacity of 250,000 gallons. The ground storage reservoir, located on Anne Dr., has a storage capacity of 500,000 gallons. The average daily usage in the summer is 500,000 gallons, while the average daily usage in the winter is about 320,000 gallons.

The system also consists of two booster stations, an iron filter plant, 34 miles of water main, 1680 service connections, 1725 meters, and 272 fire hydrants.

The water utility chemical treatment includes the addition of chlorine (disinfection), fluoride (dental benefits), phosphate (corrosion control), and caustic soda (pH adjustment).

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