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Tree Power Rebate

Did you know that trees can save you energy and money?

Properly planted around your home, shade trees can lower your cooling costs. Trees planted on the south or west side of the building can reduce air conditioning costs in the summer and when the leaves fall in the winter the bare trees allow warm sunlight to reach your home.

We want to help more people in our community enjoy the benefits of trees. Rebates are available to customers who plant a qualifying shade tree in a location that reduces the workload on the air conditioning system, or provides shade directly to the south or west side of the building. Each customer/account is eligible for up to 3 tree incentives per year of 50% of the purchase price or up to $50 per tree.

To apply for this incentive program, download a Tree Power Application form or contact our office to have one mailed to you. If you have additional questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact the Black River Falls Municipal Utility at 715-284-9463.

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