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Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy available

Black River Falls Municipal Utilities is pleased to offer Green-e Energy certified renewable energy through its renewable energy programs, which include Green Power for Business and a companion program for residential customers. The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) recently awarded Green-e Energy certification to the programs, which are made available to Black River Falls through our power supplier WPPI Energy. The certification ensures the voluntary purchases made by our customers have passed the highest quality standards.

Green-e Energy is a renewable energy certification program established by the nonprofit CRS to provide an objective standard for consumers to compare renewable energy options. As the leading renewable energy certification and verification program in the United States, Green-e Energy guarantees the quality of the renewable energy used in certified products.

Green-e Energy certification helps customers feel confident about the environmental benefits of the renewable energy they purchase from their utility. The CRS program aims to expand the market for green power programs while ensuring transparency and accurate product information so customers can make informed purchases.

Black River Falls Municipal Utilities stands behind its renewable resources. This certification is yet another demonstration of WPPI Energy membersí leadership efforts toward building a better energy future for our communities.

By purchasing renewable electricity, customers in Black River Falls provide support for the use of existing renewable resources while also aiding in the development of new renewable resources. Our renewable energy programs, offered through WPPI Energy, use sustainable energy from a variety of resources, including wind, biomass and solar.

For more information on Green-e Energy, call 1-888-63-GREEN or log on to

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